A Piece Of Tech To Change Your Life

A piece of tech to change your life


Way more useful than I expected.


I often resist getting another piece of tech. Every single one means one more plug, one more box to recycle, one more potential headache and/or regret. I was this way with the Amazon Echo. I added one to my Amazon wish list and didn’t actually pull the trigger for a full year. And I love the thing. You’ve probably heard/seen/read me talk about it.


So here’s the latest example, and I’d venture so far as to say it’s changed my life. I’ve been eyeing one for almost two years and a few months ago finally picked up a Wake up light. Have you heard about these? Reviews are soooo good that it actually made me skeptical. 


I’m pretty good at skeptical. A little background. We’re supposed to sleep on a cycle that follows the sun. Asleep when it’s dark, awake when its light. It’s almost as if our world was engineered this way on purpose. We modern humans, however, are increasingly good at messing up the way we’re supposed to live. So we stay up as

late as well darn well please with our screens and other artificial light sources a blazing. The result? Waking up every morning wanting to break something. Or everything.


Enter the Phillips Wake up Light. It wakes you up like the sun, slowly brightening your room until your desired wake up time when it’ll then play some kind of bird or waterfall sound to make sure you wake up. I set mine for 5:30 with a 30 minute wake up period. At 5 am it starts with a red light, transitions to orange, and finally to yellow, all the while getting brighter as well. At 5:30 some birds make their way into our room and sing their song.


Honestly, seriously, life changing. It never even makes it to the bird sound. I usually wake up sometime around 5:18 and just lay there for a few minutes until I’m ready to get up. I love that it’s a gradual wake up. I also love that the room is light when I get out of bed. I seriously underestimated how big of a deal this would be. Stumbling in darkness, it turns out, is the worst. You don’t realize something is the worst until you stumble upon the best.


I got the HF3520 model, which has all the bells and whistles including sunset feature (which I do use despite my wife rolling her eyes at me…she loves me). There are 3,063 reviews on amazon with a 4.5 star rating. It’s not just me. This thing is awesome. 


Waking up in the morning feeling good and with the right attitude completely sets the tone for my whole day. I am so very glad I finally picked one up. It gets my full stamp of approval (are there partial stamps?). Try one out and stop being so grumpy 


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