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Today I had a fun moment of nostalgia. I came across my dad’s old Nextel phone. You probably remember the one I’m talking about. The indestructible brick of a phone that every construction worker/contractor owned. The one so advanced it came with the “two way digital radio feature” (literally just a walkie talkie) and in a stylish black and yellow coloring. That thing was so well constructed my dad actually drove over it accidentally with his ¾ ton diesel pick-up truck and it didn’t even crack the phone. Nothing was more comical than going into Lowe’s with my dad on a supply run and hearing 20 different conversations going on simultaneously.

  It had me thinking about just how many different changes in technology I have been able to witness, especially when it comes to cell phones. I remember when the first flip phone came out and everyone thought it was so neat that you could answer your phone just by flipping it open and then start to talk. I think the biggest appeal to this though was the satisfaction that you got flipping that phone shut and hanging up on people when you got heated.

  The cell phone companies got smart and realized just how popular they were becoming, so they thought of the next big idea…A camera inside the phone! Equipped with a whopping 2.0 megapixel camera, suddenly everyone became a professional photographer. Although the quality of the pictures were straight garbage, that feature changed the way we viewed cell phones forever. No longer were they just a pocket sized phone used for calling and sending sms texts. They were now a multi-purpose device that could be capable of much more.

  Not too long after camera phones became popular did they start making phones that had the capability of going on the internet. This was another game-changing idea for cell phones. With internet becoming increasingly popular as well as essential for a lot of people, they were able to really hype up the need of having a cell phone. Pretty soon cell phones weren’t just advertised as a luxury, but a necessity.

  Then came the “smart phone”.  A phone that really started to focus more on how it could utilize the internet and other phone applications that could be downloaded to the phone and used to do a variety of different things. Phones became more of a mobile internet device that could also make calls and send texts. Meanwhile cell phone companies and software developers kept researching and developing their technology which continued to advance.

  Phones like the Blackberry, iPhone, and Droid went from being used by business men and women and executives, to teens and young adults all over the world. The days of flip phones and slide phones were coming to an end. With smart phones taking advantage of new social media becoming popular amongst everyone, they started integrating that into their phones with their new mobile applications. Companies like Facebook, YouTube, Snapchat, and Instagram blew up.

  Fast forward to where we are now with all the crazy new technology that keeps coming out with the new smart phones. It truly is remarkable to see how far we’ve come, especially in the last 15 years. I will be curious to see just how much we are able to advance in cell phone technology in the next 15 years. Will cell phones even still be used? I guess we will just have to wait and see.


-Zach White

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