Facebook business pages get an upgrade


Facebook is becoming the king of change. Just when you get used to one interface, they change to the next.  This upgrade, however, just might help your business page get more exposure.


The biggest change that has taken place is the ability to use facebook as your page. Many of the features you could always do with a personal account you can now do with your business page.  Probably the biggest (at least in our case) capability is that you can now like or make comments to other pages,comments,photos,etc... as your page. For example, I can make a comment on the WMDDS page and it will show up from DDS Integration, not Greg Feutz. 


This allows you to interact with other pages and increase your pages visibility even more. You also get a separate News Feed and updates when things happen on your page.


While I am not an avid facebook user personally, it makes a lot of sense to be there as a business, especially with these new features. Check out the official facebook page that outlines all the changes.

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