Google voice – Is free calling really here?

In a word, yes.  Google Voice (formerly Grand Central) offers free calling and a multitude of other features.  Depending on how you use your cell phone it can be a great value.

For example, we spend a lot of time on our cell phones talking to support channels from Dentrix, Eaglesoft, Dell, Microsoft, etc…A  long call racks up the minutes quickly.  For these calls we use Google Voice, and it doesn’t cost us a dime.

So what do you get, exactly?

  1. Local phone number (and you have some control over which number)
  2. Transcribed voicemails – Google translates your voicemail into text and can either email or text it to you.  Handy when you want to pick up messages but don’t want to be “on the phone”.
  3. One number to rule them all. With your Google Voice account, you can set up your number to dial other numbers, whether it be 3 other numbers at a time or in a particular order (first dial home, if that doesn’t pick up, then work, etc…)
  4. Send free text messages online
  5. A lot more too…Check it out here

You need to request an invite to get started, mine took about a day.

If you have an Android based phone integration with Google Voice is very nice too!

If you have any questions on how it works and how you can use it drop us a line or give us a call.  We like it and you probably will too :)

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