Grand Rapids Dentist Office Burns Down

We think it won’t happen to us, and we hope it doesn’t.  For Dr. Vanderlinde’s office, unfortunately, a total loss due to fire damage became a reality.  On the morning of Tuesday, February 2nd the office at Breton and Saginaw had all but completely been destroyed by flames.

The practice's data was stored offsite and they are confident all patient records are safe and can be brought back.

Dr. Vanderlinde and staff are doing a lot of things right to get back on track during this tough time.  They have:

  • Updated their website to alert patients of what has happened and what they should do.
  • Set up phone system to allow patients to contact the Practice.
  • Set up a temporary location to see hygiene and emergencies patients.
  • Maintained a positive attitude and continued moving forward.

Recovering from a disaster like this is often unplanned and very stressful.  A good Disaster Recovery Plan can help to ensure this process goes smoothly and includes appropriate steps to get back up and running, quickly and completely. Many things are never considered proactively including carrying proper insurance, having a temporary location, and utilizing an offsite backup solution, just to name a few.

This hits close to home for West Michigan dentists and businesses.  If you are in a position to lend a helping hand to Dr. Vanderline and his staff, please reach out to them.

Wood Tv’s coverage of the story can be found here.

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