I just described your website right? Guess what? Everyone else’s too.

It’s about social media boys and girls. That is the next frontier. Don’t get me wrong, a website is absolutely necessary and serves a purpose, but as far as things like building trust and engaging people…I can tell you that reading about Dr. Sarah’s education and affinity for long walks on the beach doesn’t do it for me. Again it needs to be there but it’s kind of like your diploma on the wall. Good to know you graduated, but doesn’t help me decide if I want you to be my dentist.

Dr. Sarah: “Greg, it’s cool, we have a link to our facebook page on our website. We’re doing it!”

Me: “Uh huh. And what are you posting on that facebook page? How often? What do your analytics tell you about engagement? Shares, likes, views, comments? And, what about Instagram? Youtube?”

Dr. Sarah: “Well, I don’t really know. We set it up like a year ago and Stacy posts stuff she finds when she has time between hygiene patients.”

**Both Dr. Sarah and Stacy are made up characters to reflect generalizations I’m making, although I imagine if they were real they’d be wonderful people and I’d hope to meet them someday.

Here’s my point. This scenario is extremely common in Dental. Very few have a strong handle on social media and overall online presence. This represents a HUGE OPPORTUNITY. As Dentists, you all have myriad competition in the physical space you occupy. You can probably throw a rock and hit your nearest competitor. Maybe you have. However, on social media, if you were really actually doing it and getting engagement you’d be in a space with few others.

 Step1: Consider dumping some of your existing marketing costs. Mailers? YellowBook? I’m 34, and speaking from myself and anyone younger than me those things hit the recycle bin before even coming in the house. I know I get a postcard every month or so but I couldn’t tell you who it’s from. Also, anyone calling you from those really knows nothing about your Practice, which means you know nothing about them. This is a far reach from your preferred new patient, who is a referral from and probably similar to, one of your good patients.

Step2: Commit. Get on the big three. Facebook, youtube, Instagram. Post regularly. Not just links to articles either, fun stuff from YOUR PRACTICE. You know, the place you’re trying to get people to go?

**This is the step where most Practices fail. They set up the accounts, but managing them is a secondary, or tertiary, job for someone in the Practice. Like, you know, cleaning the microwave. How clean is your microwave?

Step3: If you tried and failed at Step2 (or had the foresight to understand it was never going to happen that way in the first place) hire someone to do it for you. Did you know DDS Integration has a social media service now?

Step4: Profit. Retire early. Achieve mindfulness.

But in all seriousness, well, in some seriousness, there is huge upside to leveraging social media. You know how it works…easy for someone to refer you, snowball effect as people like and their friends see you, allows you to show who you are/what you’re about, ads are cheap and can be very specifically targeted, and is measureable.

Our vision in being local and already plugged into dental is for those Practices that want to leverage this and hire it out, we can regularly visit you and handle the creative part and you just, well, be you. The content comes right from within your Practice but without the headache and hassle of creating it.

Step 4 could be within reach!! Just imagine J

Lastly, I almost always capitalize Practice. Should it be?


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