If you’re not on the Firefox bandwagon, you should be.

As Mozilla’s web browser, Firefox, continues to gain market share on Microsoft’s Internet Explorer, many people continue to evaluate which is better, safer, and easier to use. In my own experience, I’ve never dealt with a virus on a PC that runs Firefox as its default browser. Internet Explorer, however, has brought many a virus to my attention. Both Firefox and Internet Explorer have continued to release new versions, and Firefox remains the browser of choice. Here is what I like about it:

  • Startup time: Opening google.com in Firefox took me 2 seconds, while Internet Explorer took more than 4.
  • Overall speed: Even once open, Firefox is significantly faster opening new pages and new tabs.
  • Security:  I’ve never seen a virus come through Firefox, but have seen many come through Internet Explorer.
  • Ease of use:  Firefox’s tabbed browsing just works better and can be combined with intuitive add-ons like my favorite, All-in-One Gestures
  • Ease of use:  The search bar in the upper right of the screen has built in searches for Google, Amazon, Ebay, and more.  The auto-complete function is nice too.
  • Clutter: Almost every installation of Internet Explorer I see has at least 4 or 5 useless toolbars cluttering the screen.  You won’t find this in Firefox

We recommend Firefox almost exclusively, with the exception of a few web-based programs that only run in Internet Explorer.  If you want to give it a try here it is.  The installer allows you to import your favorites and home page from Internet Explorer so there is no need to re-do all of that manually.

Happy Browsing!

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