Well, more like 5,259,492 Minutes, which, for those of you without google handy is 10 years.

It was June of 2009 on a warm summer day when I officially hit the “Go” button on my startup, my big risk, my leap of faith, DDS Integration. Just prior to that I had been working a full time IT job and moonlighting for a few Dentists at night. As many startup stories begin, there were some extremely long days as well as some days where no work (and therefore no money) came in.  I still vividly remember leaving my job in GR, hitting the highway to Lansing, and working through the night. I less vividly remember the crazy dreams I had one night after catching 2 hours of sleep on the floor behind the front desk at one of my first clients. Ever wake up at 3am on the floor of a Dental Office? No? I guess it’s just me.

I learned a lot those early years. How to start a business, how to work really really hard, how to work really really hard with no paycheck, how to survive personal mistrust and embezzlement, how to do absolutely everything to make every customer happy 100% of the time, and overall how to just make a business survive. However, survival is a hard way to live, but man am I grateful for everything that taught me.

Fast forward to today. DDS Integration has been in business 10 years. Most new businesses fail before 5, so they say. But DDS Integration is not most businesses, which I am forever grateful for. I/we have learned and evolved from all those early lessons and become sort of the Un-Business. Here’s some stats to explain what I mean:

  • Sales growth over last year – Well, actually I can’t calculate that because I don’t know last years’ sales….or this years’.
  • Number of clients – Well, again, I’m not really sure. I think it’s more than 80 but less than 100. I think…


I’m forever grateful for those lessons I learned early on during survival mode, I’m grateful for all the folks I met at CEO roundtables that lent unique lenses to running a business, I’m grateful for two of the best books I’ve ever read (The Emyth & 4 Hour Work Week), I’m grateful for the professional team of advisors that surrounds me. I’m grateful for all those things that happened as this business grew, because they helped form the things I am most grateful for.

I am most grateful for the people.

-Greg Feutz

President of DDS Integration

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