Leap of Faith

Ten years ago I took a huge leap and an enormous step outside of my comfort zone, I gave Greg the thumbs up to quit his job.  I like rules, routine, and predictability and that step did not fit with my mold.  I did know one thing for sure, I trusted Greg, and I believed in his dreams and goals for DDS.

The early years were rough and unpredictable.  He worked nonstop to build up the business, to make it something he was proud of where he could serve others and make his client’s workload a little easier.  Greg thrives on being a fixer, not necessarily in the repair sense, but he loves to solve other’s problems.  Customer service became the cornerstone of everything he did, he wanted other’s to feel a sense of relief that their computer problems had been solved.  And… he may have solved it while throwing in some humor along the way.

As DDS has grown, there have certainly been hiccups along the way.  We have been in situations we never could have imagined, and again, out of my (and his) comfort zone.  I am forever grateful to those people who have helped us along the way – Greg M, Marla, Trace, Mario, Jamie, Kim, Bryan R. 

Over the course of the ten years, DDS has evolved into what Greg dreamed it could be - a small business with customer service at the forefront, a place for people to call home, and a working environment with respect for life balance.  The leap was worth it, I am so proud of Greg and of the whole DDS team - past and present.  Thanks for ten years.  I am looking forward to the great years that are ahead.

-Christine Feutz
VP DDS Integration


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