Phishing – Don’t bite the bait!

What is it?
Phishing is somebody attempting to get you to reveal your personal information. Generally this is done through email, although sometimes it can be done over the web.

Here is an example of a phishing email. What the sender is trying to accomplish is to get you to follow the link they have provided and have you enter your personal information. Generally a phishing email will look like it is coming from some official corporation, such as Chase, Pay-Pal, E-bay, etc. They may even go so far as to have contact phone numbers, addresses, etc.

How do I avoid it?
One good rule of thumb to remember is that no reputable company will ever send an email like this asking you to enter your personal information. If you’re not sure, call the company that sent it or ask your technology company to investigate for you.

The Federal trade Commission has a nice article on how to avoid getting “Hooked” by a Phishing scam. It’s worth a read to avoid a massive hassle.

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