Tuesday March 18th, 2020 was a day I never thought I would experience. All of my technicians were working from home. I went into the office to grab a few things I would need in order to work from home for the unforeseen future. As I was there I cleaned the office from top to bottom.

Throughout the day as I was cleaning many things hit me. I started in our tech office. Cleaning each tech’s desk, keyboard, mouse, phone, monitors, chairs, and cabinets. Going through each one made me think about where we were when we moved to this building the tech office went from being Greg’s corner office with two desks and room for people to have big meetings to moving Greg out and moving two techs in because we needed more space to work. Later Greg was willing to give his big office up to move forward as a company. When I came to the final desk, it hit me that we have grown so much we needed more space. Enough to take the wall down between those two offices and kick Greg out of an office all together. Wow, just wow!

As I moved onto John’s office I kept thinking. John got hired in the same time that I did. Both of us were young with minimal experience and now, both of us have high stakes in this company and would do anything for DDS. John started as a timid technician to confident in his role. John has moved from a technician to leading our consultations and educating our clients on what is best for their companies. I am so proud of who John has become and glad that John and I have grown together.

The music was playing, cleaning was happening and let me tell you of the “treasures” I found while cleaning. In our common area of the office I found floppy disks (that we use as coasters), I found a procedure document of how to close our office every day that has definitely changed. I could not tell you how many unnecessary cables I found on our tech benches.   I found Velcro in spools around the tech benches. If you have been with us for a while, you know back in the day we used Velcro to cable manager everything. Somehow we still have plenty of it around the office even though we don’t use it anymore. All of these things put smiles on my face seeing how far we have come.

I quickly moved to the breakroom. Our breakroom has evolved over the years. This is where we have taken time to have lunch as a team. We have had time to watch movies or play video games on the couch to hardly using it because we are so busy and boxes were overflowing. On our breakroom table we have two things. A game of chess and a container of Legos. A few years ago someone made an arrow out of Legos because our chess games would take so long we would forget whose turn it is. Now we say that we have a progressive game of chess going on. I could not tell you who is currently playing but I know at least one person is because there is one piece moved. There is also a Lego man, monster, whatever you want to call him. As I was cleaning I thought about putting all of it away so that there would be less possible contamination/cleaning in the future. As I was about ready to do it, I couldn’t.  Those little things were moments over the years and put a smile on our faces when we see them.

The last room I cleaned was my office. My office has evolved over the years. Started pretty standard and the same as everyone else. When we moved into our current space 5 years ago we all had extra chairs in our offices as other places to sit. Since moving in I have had two different chairs in my office. When Greg let go of his office for us, I received one of his chairs and my chair made it into the common. I have acquired a standing desk which I accomplish much one. I have acquired my own printer. I have acquired all of the items we use for our seminars. All the things.

As I was done cleaning everything and closing up shop for the unforeseeable future, I got sad. I got sad that this was happening and that the future was uncertain for everyone.  DDS Integration, thank you for all the wonderful memories and helping me grow into the person I am today. I am praying we are back in our office quickly. I miss my technicians!

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