Some signs your computer is dying…or dead

When your computer’s hard drive is failing, it will often give warning signs. If you value the data on the hard drive, you may want to pay attention to them. Some signs that your computer’s hard drive may be failing are:

  • Computer behaves slugglishly
  • Computer shuts down at randomn
  • Files dissapearing or getting corrupted

One of the most sure ways you’ll know that your hard drive is dying is if it makes any of the sounds below. Hard drives have moving parts in them and just like anything with moving parts they can and often will get damaged over time. These sounds are from


Head damage

Head damage again

Slow Spindle Motor

Head Stuck to Platter


If this happens to you the best thing you can do is turn the computer off and call someone for support. The longer it stays on, the more likely it will completely fail, which can mean a lot of money to have your data recovered.

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