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Technology, some would say it’s a significant cause for a lot of our problems now-a-days. However, with the recent coronavirus pandemic, it is becoming a main solution to a lot of issues we are now facing. With the most recent effort to combat the spread of the virus, we are being told to quarantine ourselves as well as implement social distancing. For some, this is not a huge deal. They prefer to just keep to themselves and be in the comfort of their own home. For someone like myself however, this is a very big obstacle.

 If you are like me, you always like to be doing something with either your close friends or family. Whether it’s going out for dinner, going to a movie, or going shopping, you just like to be out keeping busy and interacting with those around you. With a lot of businesses and restaurants closing, we are relying heavily on online transactions. Maybe it’s waiting for hand sanitizer to get re-stocked on amazon, or maybe it’s ordering Uber eats for the 4th time this week. Either way, we are using our technology now more than ever to get the things we need.

  We are also using our technology more to interact with one another since we are attempting to isolate ourselves from other people. Businesses are using FaceTime and other video conferencing to keep up to date with everything going on and to stay as operational as possible. Churches are using livestreams to allow the congregation and its members to feel connected as well. Even schools are posting lectures and classes online to keep teaching all of the students and allowing them to continue learning.

 It has been pretty cool seeing the ever advancing tech used for things that are helping people during this time of uncertainty. In the past, technology has been used for a lot of harmful things of different sorts. However, seeing how we have embraced its full potential and the good that can result, it has given me hope for where we are at as a society. I am excited to see how we as a human race will respond to this event in world history. I know for me, I have a new found appreciation for the daily things we so often can take for granted. I am proud that I get to work in the industry of tech and all the positive things that can stem from it.

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