The Boiled Frog – are you it?

Maybe a little background to give you a fair shot at answering the question. They say if you put a frog in water and then bring it to a boil the frog will stay in the water until it’s too late. But, if you boil the water and then put the frog in it will immediately jump out. The takeaway is that the frog is unaware of the change because it happens gradually.

This parallel hit me the other day as we were having our weekly meeting, and talking about one of our clients’ computers. They were slow. Actually, slowwwww. They had no idea. Since we work on both old and brand new computers we can easily see the difference. They, however, just got used to the slowing computers as they gradually got older. They are the boiled frog. Are you the boiled frog?

If you have Windows XP computers then yes, you are the boiled frog. If you have Core2Duo computers (sticker on the front would say so) then yes, you are the boiled frog. Corei3, you’re getting close. If you have to wait more than a second or two for, well, anything besides Quickbooks to load then yes, you are the boiled frog. You’ve had your computers for a good number of years now (probably 3-5 at least) and they are in all respects, dated.

First, the good news. You will not meet the same fate as the frog.

Next, the bad news. You’re probably losing productivity through each one of your staff that uses the computers in your Practice. Enough that it’s a problem. A lot has changed from 3-5 years ago. Apple was on the iPhone 3GS. Are you still using that?

Keep your tools sharp and your water lukewarm, as it were.

Save a frog, keep your computers up to date.

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