The Good ‘Ol Days

In recent days, I’m sure most of us have been doing some reminiscing on the past. Whether it’s memories of going to restaurants, the movies, going out with friends, or spending time with family members, I’m sure we all remember when we used to be able to go outside and do whatever we wanted. On a more serious note, one memory in particular has stuck out to me and it’s one of my mother back when I was in High School, telling me to go outside. At the time, I loved playing video games, like to the extent of playing after school until dinner time and then getting back on right after the meal. I remember the constant battle of having to spend enough time doing other things so I could accumulate more video game time. Don’t get me wrong, I loved sports and doing things outdoors, but I was obsessed with video games.

The world looks a little different in 2020, and ironically, we do not have clear vision of the future. A terrible pun for a terrible time. I have been trying to make the best of all of this by playing old video games that I grew up with, and watching movies that I haven’t had the time to watch or haven’t seen in years. I even played Monopoly at one point. The real life board game, not just on an app for your iPhone. I’ve spent plenty of time surfing the Internet for the latest and greatest content. The memes have been unprecedentedly hilarious, and the videos of people’s quarantines are absurd. People are coming up with weird things to do with all the time they’ve got on their hands. I won’t lie, between the creativity of the people on the World Wide Web and the bravery and dedication of the medical community and others deemed “essential workers”, these people have certainly restored some of my faith in humanity and our ability to come together to support each other.

Another phrase I used to hear from my mom quite often was “turn off the Nintendo”, granted, it was probably for a good reason. But it’s a good thing I kept turning it back on, Mom. Nintendo, as you probably already know is a video game company based out of Japan that has been around since the dawn of video games. I’m sure you’ve heard of Mario or Donkey Kong. Those are Nintendo characters, faces of the franchise. Here it comes, the part where I tie this all together! Nintendo is donating 9,500 respirator masks to the emergency teams in the United States, according to the BBC and other sources. I will always admire people who seize the opportunity to use what they have been blessed with to help others who are in need of saving. Not that Nintendo is saving the world with their donations, but every small effort we make to care for others will take us a long way as a human race. 

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