The Plus Side of Covid-19

I never thought I would have to wait on eggs to finish cooking before a meeting with my coworkers could start, but I also never thought I would be working from home for a month either. One thing is for sure, almost all of our work lives look completely different.

Lately, my morning usually consists of rolling out of bed five minutes before the work day starts. I put on my glasses for the ninth day in a row, which I never do unless it’s a weekend. Up until two weeks ago, I couldn’t recall a day in recent memory where I wore my glasses to work instead of contacts. I now have the opportunity to sit at my kitchen table for breakfast and lunch, which would be nice on an ordinary work day, but considering it’s also where I work now, I typically find myself enjoying my dinner from the coffee table while sitting on the couch and watching TV. The table doesn’t seem like a place for eating now, but rather my workspace. I’m sure we all feel a bit weird balancing work life and home life. Luckily for myself, I don’t have children screaming in my ear while I’m working, but I do have share my work environment with two roommates.

This morning our team scheduled a meeting to setup a program that will allow us to access shared folders from our server while we are at home. The meeting was scheduled for 9am so everyone would have a chance to start their day and finish up anything that needed to be taken care of first thing. Then someone messages all of us asking if we could push it back until 10. This reschedule was most likely due to toddler trouble. Clean up in Cubicle 2! Of course, this wasn’t a problem, there isn’t a whole lot for us to work on these days so pushing the meeting wasn’t a big deal.

Almost as soon as the clock rolled over to 10, a meme of SpongeBob pops up in the chat claiming, “I’m ready”. I suppose this is how meetings start now. Next thing you know, there’s an invite for the conference call. You join the call and witness your coworkers in a state you probably never thought you see them in. Some of us were wearing their PJ’s still, others wearing hoodies, a few of us were wearing gaming headsets or Bluetooth headphones. You can definitely tell who is using their phone and who is using a webcam. The workplace is looking a bit odd these days.

I gazed across the multiple windows and I couldn’t help but chuckle at how ridiculous this scenario is where we have to have work meetings from our own homes. I never thought we would do a “show and tell” of our own homes to our coworkers like we were in kindergarten again. It definitely brought a smile to my face to see all of my coworkers, but part of the smile was definitely due to my amusement with what was going on in the background. I recall seeing a crawl space when Luke was looking for headphones. I was welcomed into John’s garage when he was trying to avoid watching Frozen 2 for the fifth time this week. I noticed Andrew’s calendar still says the month is December (don’t worry he knows, it’s been up there since 2015). I also got to witness Zach and Megan debate whose industrial grade construction masks were more effective for fighting off the virus.

Since things aren’t weird enough, I think I’m going to take a shower over my lunch today. I’ll probably like that better than yesterday’s lunch when I folded my laundry after eating. It’s kind of nice being able to work and maintain your home at the same time. Enjoy the little things during these odd times, at least that’s what I’m trying to do!

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