Y2K - 2020 Edition

Remember how everyone panicked because computers were all going to stop working in the year 2000? Well I’m here to tell you, this time, in 2020, it’s FOR REAL!!!


Nope. Not really. But hopefully I now have your attention to tell you that in 2020 all Windows 7 computers will be unsupported for use in a Dental Practice. Windows 7 should sound familiar because it’s probably what most of your computers currently have.


That’s right, it’s that unfortunate game you’ve gotta play when Microsoft stops supporting/updating their Operating System and HIPAA says that it therefore makes your computer non-compliant. This is part of the computer life-cycle. We’ll get through it, it’s ok. Breathe…


Here’s what you need to do.


Figure out how you’re going to implement Windows 10 by January 14, 2020. This will be a combination of upgrading and replacing computers, which by the way, may impact cameras, sensors, pans, scanx, and other fun stuff you use…every day.


Here’s how to do it.


Easy way – call your IT company. They’ll comb through system requirements for all your equipment and put a plan together to phase Windows 7 out and Windows 10 in.


Hard way – wait until 2020. Start putting in Windows 10 computers and see what happens. Does your pan still work? Yes, great! Intraoral cameras? No, bummer! Get out your credit card, check book, or winning lotto ticket!


 In Summary.

  • January 14, 2020 Windows 7 is no longer supported, no longer HIPAA compliant
  • Windows 10 will need to be implemented across your entire office
  • Digital peripherals may or may not be impacted depending on what you have
  • MAKING A PLAN AHEAD OF TIME means knowing what your costs will be, and probably being able to spread them out between now and then.


There. That wasn’t particularly fun or interesting, but since we live and breath Dental Technology (so you don’t have to) we always like going on record in as many ways as possible to have properly advised our customers and the greater dental community. That’s our advice for today. Tune in next time for something more fun and exciting J It’ll be the holidays after all!




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