Dr. Heather Charchut. Lansing, MI

Dr. Charchut needed to transition her practice from having computers just in the front office to having the entire practice digital ready.  Along with a new server, we put a computer and monitor in each operatory.

Wall mounted operatory monitor

In this picture we show a Dell monitor on an ICW wall mount arm complete with a Dell soundbar for patient education, movies, and music.

Wall mounted operatory monitor

Another picture from a different room with the patient chair giving perspective to the placement of the monitor.

Comments on Dr. Heather Charchut. Lansing, MI

Paul Rhodes, DDS, MSD said, on Sun, November 20, 2016

I compliment you on the use of the ICW Elite series monitor arms.  I have several practices using them for many years without any need for maintenance or replacement.  That is certainly a compliment to their engineering.
How about coupling their use with Planar 24” touch screen enabled monitors.  Touch technology can be quite useful when using software designed to be mouse-driven such as DecisionBase’s electronic clinical record.
The way you have positioned the monitor to be readily viewed by the patient opens up the use of software as a patient education modality, making it an electronic version of a black board, without the chalk dust!

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