High end hospital grade monitor testing

A local dentist asked us if a better monitor would make his schick xrays look better.  He was currently using a Dell 17” ultrasharp monitor and had heard about xray specific monitors used in hospitals.  We hadn’t heard about these, but we did some legwork and got our hands on a few to do some comparison testing.

Check out our blog to read more about the test.

Picture of all three monitors

The Dell monitor is on the left, followed by the MD205MG-1 which is a black and white 5 megapixel monitor, and lastly is the MD212MC which is a color 2 megapixel monitor.

Straight on picture with xrays on the screen

It is kind of hard to tell from this picture, but the NEC monitors were incredibly bright compared to the Dell. In this test, that was probably the most notable difference.

Side shot of all three monitors

As you can see here the NEC monitors are extremely thick versus a standard computer LCD monitor.

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