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Troubles Working From Home

Similar to most things, working from home has its pros and cons. My commute to work went from nearly 20 miles to about 20 steps down the hall. My alarm has been changed from being at 6:45am to 7:45. And the breakroom fridge is fully stocked with food that I can take my pick on whatever I want to eat. Wait those were three positives, oh yeah, the negatives are pretty much everything else that revolves around the actual working part in the phrase “working from home”. For one, communication with coworkers is stuck behind the wall that is Google hangouts. I keep notifications on and at full volume yet somehow while sitting at my computer watching videos on DHCP, network security, spanning tree protocol, and other highly entertaining networking topics, will somehow miss the all familiar “ding”. It’s just not the same as when we’re in office and get the ding from 6 different phones and 4 different computers all within earshot over one message sent in the group chat.

Facebook and Covid-19

With most platforms of social doing their best to come up with different ways to help and support local businesses being affected by the pandemic, Facebook has yet again come up with a few new creative ways to be supportive. Facebook is announcing a handful of new features that will allow users to show their support for small businesses and get the latest updates as those businesses deal with the fallout (economic and otherwise) of the COVID-19 pandemic.

DJI Drone

With all of this extra time at home, something I have gotten into more lately is flying my DJI Mavic air drone around my house. I bought this a while ago to capture cool videos of places I travel to, however, I haven’t been able to go as many places as I would like. My drone has seen more time in my closet than in the air. DJI has been launching a new versions of previous drone models and one in particular sounds pretty unique.

Harmful Sides of Social Media

  Social media has been an increasingly popular avenue for people to stay connected during this global pandemic. Anywhere from Facebook to Instagram, we are on it more than ever before. However this might be developing a routine that could be potentially harmful in the long run. In this blog I will go over a few reasons that I personally believe social could be harmful to society.


Over the last few weeks, Zoom Video Communications has seen a surge in popularity due to the number of people using it for conference calls, classes, and to catch up with family. However, we are recommending that our clients seek out alternative ways to communicate over the Internet due to reported security issues. There are reports that Zoom has no end to end encryption, despite advertising that they do. Meaning Zoom is vulnerable to leaking user data that is supposed to be private. Zoom has also been caught in situations where people are exploiting the microphone and webcam privileges. An exploit called “Zoom-bombing” is allowing attackers to jump into a call and post or say anything they want, despite never being invited to the call. Many cybersecurity experts have gone ahead and labeled the software itself as malware, due to the way it interacts with your computer’s permissions and files. As your IT provider, we highly recommend considering an alternative to Zoom for anything work-related as it could result in compromising information about your practice or your equipment.


  We’ve probably all been there at one point in our life (some of us more) where we’ve had to take an Uber somewhere. Whether it was a fun night out and you just didn’t feel like driving, or you needed a ride to your hotel from an airport, or even just needed a ride while your car is being fixed. Whatever situation you found yourself in, a majority of us have been in an Uber. Recently Uber has come up with some new ideas for increasing their business.

Sport and Technology

We’ve been able to watch sports from the comfort of our own homes for decades now, but have you ever seen athletes compete against each other from their own homes, which was then broadcasted to your home? With the mass cancellation of public events, the majority of professional sports that were in the middle of their season simply ended. So what do all these major sport networks do when there are literally no new sporting events taking place? They have to get creative.

Cell Phones

Today I had a fun moment of nostalgia. I came across my dad’s old Nextel phone. You probably remember the one I’m talking about. The indestructible brick of a phone that every construction worker/contractor owned. The one so advanced it came with the “two way digital radio feature” (literally just a walkie talkie) and in a stylish black and yellow coloring. That thing was so well constructed my dad actually drove over it accidentally with his ¾ ton diesel pick-up truck and it didn’t even crack the phone. Nothing was more comical than going into Lowe’s with my dad on a supply run and hearing 20 different conversations going on simultaneously.