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10 Years of Trusted Partner

DDS Integration has been an integral part of my practice for 10 years!  

Leap of Faith

Ten years ago I took a huge leap and an enormous step outside of my comfort zone, I gave Greg the thumbs up to quit his job. I like rules, routine, and predictability and that step did not fit with my mold. I did know one thing for sure, I trusted Greg, and I believed in his dreams and goals for DDS.


Well, more like 5,259,492 Minutes, which, for those of you without google handy is 10 years.


Quite possibly the most common form of attacks on this list; phishing uses emails, social media, instant messaging, and SMS to trick you into providing sensitive information, visiting malicious URL’s, or downloading malicious software in an attempt to compromise your system.

FINALLY! I figured it out! This is THE gift!

You remember Thomas Edison? He’s the guy who saved homo sapiens from dinosaurs, found America, invented the Internet, and wrote Gangnam style. Oh, looking at that list, he probably invented time travel too.

The point is, and how this will amazingly segway into the rest of this article, he was famously quoted for saying “I have found 10,000 ways it won’t work” about inventing the light bulb. He had to try and fail before finding a solution that worked. My story is basically the same as his.

Y2K - 2020 Edition

Remember how everyone panicked because computers were all going to stop working in the year 2000? Well I’m here to tell you, this time, in 2020, it’s FOR REAL!!!


Nope. Not really. But hopefully I now have your attention to tell you that in 2020 all Windows 7 computers will be unsupported for use in a Dental Practice. Windows 7 should sound familiar because it’s probably what most of your computers currently have.


I just described your website right? Guess what? Everyone else’s too.

It’s about social media boys and girls. That is the next frontier. Don’t get me wrong, a website is absolutely necessary and serves a purpose, but as far as things like building trust and engaging people…I can tell you that reading about Dr. Sarah’s education and affinity for long walks on the beach doesn’t do it for me. Again it needs to be there but it’s kind of like your diploma on the wall. Good to know you graduated but doesn’t help me decide if I want you to be my dentist.

A Piece Of Tech To Change Your Life

A piece of tech to change your life


Way more useful than I expected.


I often resist getting another piece of tech. Every single one means one more plug, one more box to recycle, one more potential headache and/or regret. I was this way with the Amazon Echo. I added one to my Amazon wish list and didn’t actually pull the trigger for a full year. And I love the thing. You’ve probably heard/seen/read me talk about it.


So here’s the latest example, and I’d venture so far as to say it’s changed my life. I’ve been eyeing one for almost two years and a few months ago finally picked up a Wake up light. Have you heard about these? Reviews are soooo good that it actually made me skeptical.