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Passwords - Oh how I loathe thee


How can I loathe passwords less?

Yeah I know. I don’t like them either.  Want to know what I like less? Stolen documents, stolen personal information, and spam sent from my hacked email account. Believe me, everyone is at risk, and a good password policy is important. Let’s start with a test. How secure are your passwords?


Here is a fun test. Go to and have a go using some of your common passwords. What are you results? I’ll share. My email password is 1 million years. My password is 26 million years. Another common one I use was 35 sextillion years. I’ll offer $100 to anyone who can guess it J

WMDDS January and March Raffle Winners!

Congratulations to those who won our raffles at the last 2 WMDDS events at Meijer Gardens. Thanks to everyone who came by to see us!

Also a reminder: Throughout March and April we are offering 50% off our onsite and offsite backup solutions.

What are my options for going paperless?

This is a good question because going paperless means something different to everyone. To some it means having absolutely no paper present in the Practice while to others it means utilizing one component of a paperless Practice, such as digital charting.


The focus of this article is to explore actual methods and products that can assist you in becoming paperless in the various areas of your Practice. At each stage of a patient visit there are opportunities to be paperless. These are explored below.

Best of Tech 2011

With the holidays coming up, I thought I would look back at some of the coolest tech gadgets and gizmos, some great gift ideas and some just plain old cool.  Here are some of the coolest Tech products and gift ideas from 2011.

Time out from Technology

Life in the technology world is nonstop, 24/7. As an IT professional, I am tethered almost anywhere I go and anytime of the day.  It takes a consious effort to put off that project until tomorrow and spend quality time with people I love. We all struggle with this. Work will always be there, so it's important to take time out sometimes.

Social Media - A Necessary Evil?

I can hear my grandmother's voice in my head telling me to "stand up straight." I wonder what she would say today, no one is standing up straight or looking forward.  It seems like we have our necks down either on laptops, smart phones, or pda's of all sorts.  Just the other day, while looking up a movie time, I came very close to walking straight into a large bike rack on the back of our car.

However, your practice does need some presence in the Social Media world. This is a great article that talks about Social Media's place for your Practice.

The Cloud

What’s the story with Cloud computing?

Let’s start with an explanation.  Chances are your office uses a standard client/server network which consists of client computers and a server that stores all of your patient information and images.   Cloud computing differs from this, in simple terms, by moving your data offsite and eliminating the need for a server.

To illustrate this difference, think about gmail, yahoo email, or any other web based email program. When you log into to view your email, you are cloud computing. Google is storing your data, you are simply accessing from an internet capable device.

Viruses and You Continued

If you’ve read my last blog entry, then you know that viruses can be vile, pernicious, sneaky beasts, sometimes able to worm their way into your computer despite your best efforts at protection. So what do you do if you’ve managed to contract a virus infection on your computer?