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DDS Integration Raffle Winners!

Last week at the WMDDS event we raffled off a flatscreen monitor and 2 hours of free service. We want to thank everyone who stopped by to talk to us, enter the raffle, or have a cookie.

Some signs your computer is dying…or dead

When your computer’s hard drive is failing, it will often give warning signs. If you value the data on the hard drive, you may want to pay attention to them.

Offsite Backup: Easier Than Ever

In addition to an onsite USB hard drive backup solution, it’s now easier than ever to implement an offsite solution.  We’ve been using one for quite awhile now, and it works great.  It gives us the flexibility to backup wherever we want, so if we need our data back we don’t have to wait for it from California.  This covers us for data corruption or disasters at our office.  All in all, it’s a very small price to pay for peace of mind.