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What to do with all those passwords???

Something we can probably all agree on. Passwords are no fun.  Everything we do requires a password with varying requirements and periodic change. Aside from using one password for everything (not recommended), here is a very nice solution that we use.

Fluoride to be reduced from our drinking water?

The federal government has recently proposed a reduction in the amount of fluoride to be allowed in city drinking water.  Grand Rapids was the first city to adopt fluoride treatment in its water system and may soon have to reduce its content from 1.2 to 0.7 milligrams per liter.

October Contest Winners!

Yes, we've been busy with end of year and the holidays. Our apologizes for just now drawing the contest winners. The following items will be awarded for following us on facebook, twitter, and our website newsletter.

October Contest ending soon!

Just a reminder-

At the end of October we will be drawing winners from the online raffle...

Raffle Winners from the WMDDS October Seminar

Thank you to everyone who came by the DDS Integration booth at Meijer Gardens on Friday. We enjoyed speaking with all of you, and sharing information about Dental Technology!

We drew names today for the raffle...

Internet Explorer 9: What’s the difference?

Internet Explorer—whether it’s Internet Explorer 6, 7 or 8—gets 60% of internet traffic around the world. That is, 6 out of every 10 people visiting, or, or, or are using Internet Explorer. And why not? Internet Explorer comes with Windows; you don’t have to install anything extra, just click on that friendly blue “e” and away you go! This, along with a few other reasons, means that Internet Explorer is currently the winner in the browser wars. But are the current in use versions of Internet Explorer winners by default, or through merit? And what about the soon-to-be-released Internet Explorer 9, what does it bring to the table?

Take back your hard drive space!

Ever wonder why your hard drive is filling up?  Trying to track down where space is being used can be quite a chore. There are of course a few routine places to check like Temporary Internet Files, Recycle Bin, and System Restore, but it's often stuff we put on our computers (and maybe don't realize it) that take up a good chunk of space.  Luckily there are a few programs that help solve this problem.

The best email program for your practice

By now you've probably heard of gmail right?  Perhaps you use it for a personal email account.  Did you know you can use it for your practice email with your domain name (  Google Apps allows you to set up email with your current domain name, and blows just about every email solution out of the water.  Another plus?  IT'S FREE!  Read on to learn more.