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The Evolution of the Waiting Room

What is more exciting than doing nothing? It’s safe to say, just about anything. Obviously, if you’ve had an eventful day, relaxing is pretty enjoyable, but what if you’re stuck waiting on someone, and you have nothing to do. Pretty boring, right? This is exactly why the waiting room has benefitted tremendously from technology.

Medtronic Ventilators

Before I started working with DDS Integration, I used to work as a surgical technologist. Part of me misses being directly involved in the healthcare field. I try my best to keep up with the people from my past job and also read articles relating to healthcare. One that I came across recently was very cool and interesting. Medtronic (Which is a biomedical\healthcare engineering company) was in the news recently because Tesla’s CEO (Elon Musk) had discussions with the company about the automaker’s potential plans to build ventilator hardware in order to address the COVID-19 crisis.

The Good ‘Ol Days

In recent days, I’m sure most of us have been doing some reminiscing on the past. Whether it’s memories of going to restaurants, the movies, going out with friends, or spending time with family members, I’m sure we all remember when we used to be able to go outside and do whatever we wanted.

The Plus Side of Covid-19

I never thought I would have to wait on eggs to finish cooking before a meeting with my coworkers could start, but I also never thought I would be working from home for a month either. One thing is for sure, almost all of our work lives look completely different.

Happy Monday

My very snazzy, Phillips Wake-Up Light alarm clock was set to go off at 7:55. You would know all about this if you previously read Greg’s “A Piece of Tech to Change Your Life”. Long story short it’s an alarm clock that tries to wake you up naturally with light, as if it were the sun.

How COVID-19 is effecting the internet

If it’s not the first, or maybe the only, thing that people are talking about. It certainly will remain the highly contagious, microscopic elephant in the room. We’re talking about COVID-19. But not in the toilet paper-hoarding, I just saw that guy cough without dabbing kind of way. This is a conversation about how COVID is causing quite a bit of flux on the internet. 

Technology Now

 Technology, some would say it’s a significant cause for a lot of our problems now-a-days. However, with the recent coronavirus pandemic, it is becoming a main solution to a lot of issues we are now facing. 


Tuesday March 18th, 2020 was a day I never thought I would experience. All of my technicians were working from home. I went into the office to grab a few things I would need in order to work from home for the unforeseen future. As I was there I cleaned the office from top to bottom.