The Crew

Greg Feutz|Owner

Greg has been driving this ship since 2009. He prefers to drive in such a way to challenge his amazing crew. Sometimes the waves get a little big, the weather a little rough, but the challenges almost always lead to a better voyage and in the end, a worthwhile destination. 


Greg strives to always look ahead over the horizon to continuously improve the way DDS Integration conducts business, and most importantly, the ways in which DDS Integration serves its clients. Good will never be good enough. Greg is driven to ensure the best possible scenarios for his clients and staff.  As this is sometimes a tall order, he strives to learn from his mistakes.


Greg has over seven years of experience serving dentists in the West Michigan area. His greatest strength is his communication. He understands the complexities of tech but more importantly how to translate it pretty darn close to plain English. This ensures that expectations are properly set and that the best possible systems are put into place. He has a Bachelor’s degree in Computer Information Systems and a Master’s Degree in Information Systems Management from Ferris State University, where he was also a)captain of the basketball team, b)the hockey team mascot, or c)not a very attentive student.


In his free time, Greg enjoys spending time with his wife Christine, son Collin, daughter Rosie, as well as local family and friends in Grand Rapids.  His favorite activities include piano, ultimate frisbee, water skiing, snow skiing, biking & hiking, basketball, and  photography.

John Wassenaar|Account Manager

As one DDS Integration's esteemed tech brains, John has it pretty easy. Really his only duties are fixing and setting up a few things here and there like: servers, computer hardware and software, printers, scanners, network devices,  onsite and offsite backups, remote connectivity, all Apple issues, email, and the occasional internet outage. Pretty simple really....okay maybe not.


John has over 4 years of experience as a computer technician. He brings special expertise in the areas of laptop & tablet/smartphone repair as well as all things Apple. Don't tell John, but a fun game at DDS Integration is to break things just to see if he can fix them. 


When John isn’t at work and the weather is right he loves to go boating. He always enjoys a good project  whether it's restoring a boat or remodeling a house. Call him day or night if your house or boat needs some work. Don't really call him about your house or boat. He also enjoys to get out with friends and family.

Luke Meyle|Tech Manager

Luke was born in Grand Rapids, MI and has spent most of his life here. He is a graduate from Michigan State University with a degree in Criminal Justice and a minor in Computer Science. His experience in IT was limited prior to joining the DDS Integration Team, but he did start to recognize his enjoyment of technology during an Internship with the Michigan State Police Computer Crimes Unit during his time at Michigan State. Luke joined DDS Integration in March of 2017.


Luke makes sure the right systems are in place for DDS Integration and its clients so collectively everyone can survive the storms that are failed hard drives, virus attacks, or the all too common unplugged power cable.


In his free time, Luke loves spending time with his lovely wife, Sarah.  Luke is actively involved at his church in the high school youth group, and worship ministries too. Lastly, after a long successful work week, Luke looks forward to laboring over his yard and injuring his back.

Matt Meyle|Technology Engineer

New to the team and a career in technology, Matt certainly isn’t a rookie when it comes to working with technology. Growing up playing video games, filming and editing videos, recording voiceovers and commentary for YouTube videos, and even helping his high school multimedia instructor teach other students the ins and outs of Photoshop, Flash, and other Adobe programs, Matt has been engrossed in technology since he was old enough to put a flop disk into a computer.

With a passion for technology and his experience in journalism at GRCC, Matt can bridge the gap from the foreign language of “Tech Talk” to the native tongue of our Dental clients, English. Between his experience with customer service, journalism, and knowledge of technology, Matt has hit the ground running with our team. Outside of work, he loves sports, video games, listening to and creating music, spending time with friends and family, and trying to entertain you in any way he can. He can complain with the best about the city of Detroit’s poor display of professional sports and can talk for hours about music of all eras and genres. He just happens to talk about computers around dentists a lot, for whatever reason that may be.

Andrew DeVries|Technology Engineer

Andrew graduated from Grand Valley State University with a degree in Information Systems and minors in Business as well as Information Systems Security. This gives Andrew a good base of technical knowledge and the ability to communicate technical knowledge to clients in English. Before working at DDS, Andrew spent some time in the Engineering department at UPS where he was thrown to the wolves and became good at figuring things out on the fly with creativity and efficiency.

While not working, Andrew may seem like your average West Michigan Dutch kid, with the name to go along, and that's because he totally is. Andrew spent much time working on his grandparent's land wrestling with chickens and maintaining gardens, orchards, and vineyards. Andrew is a camp counselor for a summer camp in Shelby, MI, as well as is actively involved in his local church as a youth group leader.

This is where the averageness ends. Andrew enjoys technology of all kinds but specifically likes to tinker with computer systems and create projects out of mini-computers. Andrew enjoys keeping up with all health and fitness and is currently studying to become a person trainer on the side. Andrew enjoys taking traveling vacations, many of which solo, to experience new activities and places. Andrew is big into all things "geek" related in culture today including comics, movies, animation, and gaming. Andrew loves to attend concerts and you can hear him rocking out to some pop-punk. Andrew is big into shredding mountains out west on his snowboard on all the highest peaks. 

Travis Curtis|Technology Engineer

Travis is originally from the southern suburbs of Chicago, he is new to our team, but certainly no stranger to Michigan spending much of his childhood with his relatives in Alpena. After graduating with a degree in Criminal Justice he has decided to stay in the Grand Rapids area. You can take the kid out of Chicago, but you can’t take the Chicago out of the kid as his talk of Da Bears, Da ‘Hawks, and Da best pizza on earth surfaces frequently.


Long torn between his family’s history and interest in the criminal justice field and his passion for technology, Travis has decided to combine the two and is joining our team with an emphasis in information security.  That’s not to say he doesn’t have your back when it comes to erroneous printers or scanners and reminding you of the all-powerful computer restart.


Before joining our team his technological experience did not take the form of professional work, but as a long-time hobby. Being the resident tech support in his home growing up turned to building PC’s for fun and entertainment. He still finds time away from the screen between work and at home. Travis loves watching and playing almost any sport but if there is anything else that gets him outside and active, he’s there as long as he has his friends and family with him.

Brock Cooper|Technology Engineer

Brock was born in Vancouver, Canada. He moved to the United States in 2001. He moved to Kentucky then to Texas then to Michigan which is where he calls home. Growing up he was always around his dad, an engineer. His dad was always happy to answer as many of his questions in detail, no matter how old he was. Brock has a passion for creative problem solving. This is a great characteristic in our field as we know there are always new problem arising. In highschool Brock took Engineering and Design, Web Design, and Programming. Lets just say, computers are kind of his thing. 


In his free time Brock loves music, music production, graphic design, software development and gaming. Outside of technology, Brock enjoys snowboarding, tubing. He also enjoys tinkering/creating things in his free time.